Thursday, April 13, 2006


60 years of the Jeepney!!!

It has been almost 60 years since they first appeared - dug out of old long trenches in the Philippines .

US war time regulations after WW2 were to bury- war material - out of fear if all the vehicles left over from the pacific campaigns of WW2 were left it would mean that they might be on the roads of whatever country they were left in for another 30 years!!!

Well looks like they doubled that expectation.

Most jeepneys now only have the frames- box frames of Old WW2 jeeps left some have a few fenders others have been changed drastically over the years and more are built from scrap .

definitely expiated with no air bags- big diesel engines - and louder than a Chinese new year when honking horsk's or roaring down roads.

the Jeepney- a leftover of another time keeps on rolling along!
rebuilt re colored the subject of movies and and means of getting around....

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